Resource Center

The Institute Resource Center is established to enhance the capacity of the Institute and to attract both local and international researchers and serve as a hub of Somaliland peace and reconciliation archives. The IPCS Resource Center strives to be a leading, reputable and respected Resource Center in Somaliland that documents the indigenous methods of conflict resolution and transformation after the House of Elders. This Center helps those wanting to conduct quality research on the peace and social stability of the Somaliland Republic, and on how it was built.

The Institute is designed to take visitors to the first step in exploring the numerous opportunities available at the Center, and thus to help the Institute to expand its influence in the wider region – the Horn of Africa.

Surely this is one of the most fascinating collections in the Somaliland history to build the knowledge and capacity of the students enrolling in the peace and conflict program to spread the ideas to the way the Elders of this nation light one candle of peace from one to another, which definitely help the international scholars and researchers as well.

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