The University of Hargeisa aspires to be a leading and renowned research university in Somaliland. In line with this vision and mission, the Institute is dedicated to the production and dissemination of knowledge about Somaliland’s peace building and conflict prevention processes, through the promotion of research and outreach activities to the widest possible freedom of inquiry. The Institute not only addresses issues that are specific to Somaliland, but also has a vision to investigate and further understand the pressing issues that have a common impact on the human and state securities in the wider region. These include:

o Conflict and Development

o Political Violence

o Violent Extremism

o Inter-clan Strife

o Governance and Democracy in post-conflict settings

o Peace, conflict and education

o Migration

o Climate Change

o Security

Research activities take place both at a national and a regional level, in order to enhance the impact of the IPCS on stability at home; as well as at a regional and international level, so as to support the creation of extensive collaboration and mutual learning networks for peace and conflict research with the world’s leading universities.

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