The Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) was established in February 2008 in response to the long-recognized call for a multidisciplinary approach to understand and address, in depth, the conflict and violence that has engulfed many parts in the Horn of Africa. The Institute, which is the only and the first Institute of its kind in the Somali-speaking region in the Horn of Africa engages in teaching and research in the areas of peace and conflict studies. The IPCS, which operates within the institutional framework of the University of Hargeisa has a duty to provide interested scholars, institute members and students with the opportunity to engage in intensive study and research on Somaliland and Somali-inhabited regions in the Horn of Africa, on an interdisciplinary basis.

Within the context of this broad mission, the Institute envisages three interrelated divisions of its work: academic teaching, research, and outreach and development. Outreach activities take place both at a local and a community level, in order to enhance the impact of the IPCS on stability at home; as well as at a regional and international level, so as to support the creation of extensive collaboration and mutual learning networks for peace and conflict research with the world’s leading universities.

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