The Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (IPCS) of the University of Hargeisa organized a one-day meeting on the role of media in the time of election in Somaliland. Experts, scholars, practitioners, and veteran journalists attended the meeting. The panelists and the participants highlighted the importance of media and the role that it can play in the Somaliland’s coming election, for instance, avoiding to spread hate and hatred news among the public.

The participants emphasized how propaganda and biased news items often feeds on real facts – skirmishes and incidents – but tends to exacerbate and amplify them, emphasizing their emotional load and rendering them intolerable for the involved parties. While rigorous information, on the other hand, respects facts and conveys them to listeners in a reliable way. Such strict information allows people, on both sides, to listen to each other, to talk through live accounts and reports.

While the Somaliland media without hindrance enjoyed editorial independence and self-censoring, the participants highlighted their role which makes the media’s first responsibility avoiding both public and private disappointments.

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