IPCS organizes a tribute to professor Hussein Tanzania

The Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies organized a memorial tribute to the lost of the great Professor Dr. Hussein Mohamed Adam (Tanzania) who passed away in the United States of America on 13th January 2017. Professor Hussein was a distinguished figure who sacrificed his time and knowledge to his people and his country. Moreover, has had a great influence on academia and also building our nation from the rubble and ruins of the successive wars. Professor Hussein was not only an asset to the Somaliland state and the Somalis in general, but also was an asset to the entire African continent and the people of color. Professor Hussein was the founding father and president of the Somali Studies International Association (SSIA) and the first Somali who get a Ph.D. from America’s Harvard University. Dr. Hussein Abdilahi Bulhan, Dr. Edna Aden Ismail, Dr. Jama Musa Jama, Dr. Mohamed Osman Fadal, and the Chairman of the Somaliland’s second largest opposition party, the Justice and Welfare Party, were the key speakers at the event.
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