The Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies organized the second meeting on “Planning Drought Management System and Coping Strategies for the Future: Experience from the Past and the Present”. The major aim of the meeting was to examine the major factors that challenge the pastoral/rural society, including the drought, which is the major threat against the pastoral and rural livelihoods’ in Somaliland. The experts and participants suggested the necessary interventions for this important livelihood and proposed different ways to address the frequent natural disasters and shocks which put on the grave the lives of many and exacerbated the already worsening situation of the pastoral and rural societies, and to foresee the possibility of better pastoral community in the future. Diverse people and institutions, both governmental and non-governmental local and international organizations engaged and specialized in the area were part of the discussion. These institutions include: Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Candlelight, HAVOYOCO, Oxfam GB, Action Aid, FAO-SWALIM, SOLJA, and Representatives from different Youth Organizations, scholars from the University of Hargeisa, and members of the Drought Relief National Committee were among the key figures attended the meeting.  
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